The project “PaleoArt-3D: back to the past” is an outreach project aimed at raising public awareness of Paleolithic rock art, which is so difficult to teach in situ. It was funded by the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation of the University of Salamanca within the 3rd Call for Grants for Dissemination.

The project consisted of two main activities: an exhibition at the Faculty of Geography and History of the USAL, where different aspects of Palaeolithic art were presented, from its characteristics to ways of studying it, as well as the development of a virtual museum that can be visited on our Sketchfab page, in which different examples of parietal and portable art are exhibited, with explanations on chronology and archaeological site of appearance, as well as the motifs represented.

In the following link, you have access to our virtual museum, where you can see some examples of parietal art and portable art that we have studied as part of other research projects. For a correct display of the textures, activate the HD display in “Settings > textures”.

As a summary, we have made a video where you can see our working method, from taking pictures in the cave, to the last process of creating the virtual museum.

In our youtube channel you can see more examples of heritage digitization carried out by the Prehistoric Technology Laboratory.